Way finding

Hello and welcome to EMPOWER at The Old Shipyard.

You have been referred here by your case worker because you are in a program with them. Both the job center and we are aware that it can be quite confusing and overwhelming to navigate the system and the many boxes you pass through along the way.

The permanent staff at The Old Shipyard is looking forward to getting to know you well. We will have a little chat and a short day the first time you come here; we will make sure to get you started safely.

Feel free to call or send a text message if you have any questions before your arrival. +45 20 18 82 22

We look forward to meeting you.

Best Regards,

Sofie, Karen and Julie

We always start your first day with a one-on-one conversation in order to establish a mutual goal and create a plan for your progress. We discuss where you are currently, where you want to go, and how we can build the best bridge to that, collaborating with Ærø Job- og Voksencenter.

The Old Shipyard is a social service supplier to the Job- and Voksencenter at Ærø Kommune. We offer programs and courses to individuals referred from Ærø Job- og Voksencenter, assisting in finding a way forward in your current situation. At The Old Shipyard, you can participate in various programs designed to clarify your future work situation. These programs can range from work ability assessment to job activation and ‘learn how to write your CV’ courses.

We continuously offer new programs, so you may be referred to something not described below.

Work Capacity Clarification Program

The work capacity clarification program is a 13-week course where you test different work functions while considering your individual needs.

Tasks are planned in collaboration with your contact person at The Old Shipyard. The goal is to clarify the tasks you can work with, for how long, and if you have any specific needs that need to be accommodated.

The program begins with the number of hours agreed upon by you and your caseworker suiting your current situation. The number of hours may be increased during the program if the situation and tasks allow for it.

At the end of the program, you and your contact person at The Old Shipyard collaboratively develop a comprehensive description of your professional and personal abilities related to the specific work tasks you can undertake and any necessary accommodations needed.

Financial Assistance

At Det Gamle Værft, we offer assistance with your finances. You will learn everything from creating a budget to paying bills through your online banking. We help create structure and overview of your daily finances and expenses.

Walk & Talk

In fhe Walk & Talk program we use active listening to contribute to your personal development. For example, if you are struggling with anxiety and finding it challenging to meet new people or face other difficulties, a Walk & Talk session at Det Gamle Værft meets you where you are in life. Through conversations, we aim to provide direction and options to help you move forward.

Our experience shows that these conversations are effective because we maintain a neutral stance towards you and your challenges. This neutrality allows us to shed light on your situation for your own understanding and kickstart your personal development. You can rest assured that we strictly uphold confidentiality.

Job Search Course

As part of the employment support provided by the Job Center, we conduct Job Search Courses. In this course, we begin by creating your CV on Jobnet to ensure it meets the requirements, making it easier for employers to assess your skills when seeking new employees. We then assist you in reviewing and responding to relevant job postings and guide you in crafting a standout job application that increases your chances of getting the job. Feel free to bring your own laptop to the course, although it is not a requirement.