The Development fund

The “Udviklingsfonden-Værftet“ (Development foundation) was founded in 2006. In 2012, the foundation succeeded in raising funds to renovate the historic shipyard buildings at Ærøskøbing Harbour, which today make up The Old Shipyard. Supported by Realdania and EU funding, the doors to the completed construction project were opened in 2014.

Today, the foundation operates two businesses housed in the buildings at Ærøskøbing Harbour. These are the shipping company Fylla and The Old Shipyard, with each company having separate finances and registration numbers (CVR numbers).

Udviklingsfonden-Værftet works in three areas: School, Ship, and Social Innovation. In the School domain, we develop practical school formats both at sea and at the harbour through projects like Hav Værk, Under Øhavet, and our school camp program at The Old Shipyard. Under Ship, we are working towards a comprehensive restoration of the Schooner Fylla. With Social Innovation, we aim to rethink how operations are conducted between Danish job centers and social suppliers in rural areas with a holistic approach minimizing system fatigue, tailoring the frameworks to fit the individual, thereby creating an egalitarian life in community for all.

Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is operating on a commercial basis as the initiator for the development and operation of activities at the former shipyard area in Ærøskøbing, as well as possibly in other areas on Ærø.

The operation and rental of both areas, buildings, and activities are conducted on commercial terms.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Foundation is to organize the operation, rental, and use of activities in order to allow especially vulnerable groups such as late bloomers and academically challenged youth to participate on equal terms with others or gain a special status for exclusive use of the facilities.


In addition, the purpose of the Foundation is working on maritime cultural dissemination, as well as leisure and cultural activities in general.

Moreover, the Foundation should be able to initiate other initiatives of any kind, including the purchase, sale, distribution, etc. and thereby aiming to fulfil the purpose.

The purpose of the Foundation is charitable.