Youth Community

With “Hav Værk” (Danish for “Sea Work”) at The Old Shipyard, we cultivate a common maritime youth culture with enthusiasm for workmanship during the island winter months.

At “Hav Værk” we emphasize the importance of sustainable and durable workmanship. We produce items intended to last for many years and provide a perspective on today’s consumer culture.

We strive to achieve a deep understanding of traditional workmanship, various techniques, and a fundamental understanding of materials.

Based on the maritime students of the island, we create a leisure environment thematically aligned with the educational goals and interests of young people’s maritime workmanship.

Blacksmithing Course

Throughout the course, you will forge various articles to be used for the construction of dinghies or for dinghy repairs. Additionally, you can forge marlinspikes and knives for personal use. During ‘Hav Værk’, you will participate in forging and creating useful items for the repair of, for example, the school’s oarlocks.

Shipwright Course

You will be introduced to the traditional craft of boat building through the construction of a dinghy. Together, we will build a seaworthy dinghy from scratch, allowing you to row in the dinghy at any time. We will explore what it takes to build a dinghy using simple and limited resources.